Charleston Lindy Exchange - CHEX "X": May 18-21, 2017


Katie Brayer from Fairhope, Alabama is coming to CHEX "X"!

Bands & DJs at CHEX 2017

Naomi & Her Handsome Devils


Naomi & Her Handsome Devils are a 7 piece band striving for the sound of that swing era sweet spot. Naomi founded the Devils after working with some of the best bands on the swing dance/lindy hop scene, and as a top international lindy hopper herself she knew just what she wanted to hear on the dance floor and just who she wanted to play it. The Devils have decades of experience playing hot jazz as some of the top young talent in the Chicago and New York traditional jazz scenes, and Naomi hand picked her favorite musicians to come together and make music. Put it all together and you have a modern band with a vintage sound, swinging dance floors around the world.
Naomi Uyama - vocals
Jonathan Doyle - Reeds
Matt Musselman - Trombone
Jake Sanders - Guitar
Dalton Ridenhour - Piano
Rob Adkins - Bass
Alex Hall - Drums

NHHD Naomi

NHHD night

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Anna Cecilia & the Big Time

photo by Keith Klenowski of Keith K photography

Anna Cecilia & the Big Time marry masterful musicianship with the rich tradition of the American songbook. Anna Cecilia's impeccable vocals lead the Big Time's lively rhythms through swingin' tunes and soulful blues, compositions both traditional and original. Together, the Swedish chanteuse and her stellar band create an entertaining experience that at once captivates listeners and compels bodies to dance. The Big Time is made up of an all-star cast of musicians from NYC, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Boones Mill, that come together to make sophisticated, hard-swinging music for dancers and listeners alike. The members of the Big Time are consummate performers and veterans of the road, and their talents have become well known to audiences across the US and beyond.
Anna Cecilia Ferneborg - vocals
Noah Hocker - trumpet
Paul Butler - reeds
Brennen Ernst - guitar
Silas Irvine - piano
Joshua Machiz - bass
Stephen Tolnay - drums

ACBT logo

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Brennen Ernst & the Roaming Tones

photo by Bob Sweeney of RLS Video

Brennen Ernst & The Roaming Tones are a jazz band based in Philadelphia, PA, playing music from the 30s and 40s with a supremely danceable rhythm. Bandleader Brennen Ernst, originally inspired by swing guitar luminaries such as Django Reinhardt and Charlie Christian, has been gaining recognition as one of the hardest swinging guitarists on the scene today.


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