Sarah Zdanowski from Greer, South Carolina is coming to GVLX 7!

How do I register for the event?

Create a new account by clicking the "Create a New Account" button on the right. Once you create your account, and validate your email address, choose "weekend passes" to add a weekend pass in your name.

Why must we pay to volunteer?

We have decided to follow the policy, set by other exchanges, of reimbursing volunteers for their effort. This provides an incentive to follow-thru with the agreed upon schedule.

I have questions about housing.

Please send an email to

Can I transfer my pass?

You can only transfer passes that have been paid for, not comped passes. You can transfer only one pass at a time.

To transfer a pass, the person receiving the pass must first have an active account. The owner will then select "transfer a pass" and include the person's email. At this point, the receiving person must add a pass to their account, and then they can select "transfer a pass" in the main menu to accept.

If you received a free shirt with your weekend pass, the shirt WILL NOT transfer with the pass and you will lose it. If you have not received your shirt and would like to keep it OR transfer it along with your pass, please contact the event coordinators at

Need to contact us?

Email us at